Nickson | Referral frequently asked questions

FAQS – NICKSON Referral Program

+ Whom can I refer to NICKSON through the NICKSON Referral Program?
You may refer friends, family members, clients, colleagues, and direct acquaintances. Only brand new NICKSON customers are eligible to earn you a referral bonus under our referral program.
+ How do I ensure that my friend’s application will be linked to my referral account? Referral Program?
Send your friend your unique invite code before they first register for their NICKSON account and create a reservation. Your friend should use your invite code during the reservation process just prior to checking out for their NICKSON Living Plan.

Please note that only brand new customers for NICKSON are eligible to generate a referral reward for you.
+ How do I know if my friend’s reservation was linked to my referral account?
For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose the names or contact information of people who have used your unique referral code, but your referral account dashboard at will allow you to see the number of people who have used your link correctly to register or complete a NICKSON reservation.

Your referred friend will also be able to see their association with your referral account during their Living Solution reservation process. If they correctly used your referral code when completing their NICKSON checkout they will see your code on the right-hand sidebar indicating that your unique referral code has been applied to their reservation.
+ How do I get my referral reward?
Referral rewards come from NICKSON through ACH transfer. When you first create your referral program account, please confirm your ACH information and complete your W-9 form. You will receive notification about a payment after your referred friend’s Living Plan is installed and your referral reward is sent.
+ When do I get my referral reward?
After your referred friend’s Living Plan has been installed for a period exceeding their risk-free cancellation, you will receive an email about your confirmed referral reward. Those rewards will come through ACH (based on the information you submitted when registering for the Program).

After a Living Plan installation is complete, it takes up to 60 days to approve and fund referral rewards.

You must have confirmed your ACH account and routing number to collect your reward.
+ Why haven’t I received my referral reward yet?

Reasons for this may vary. Possible reasons include:

  • Your friend did not apply using your unique referral code, in which case it has not been linked to your referral account.
  • Your friend’s reservation has not been approved.
  • Your friend’s living solution has not been installed.
  • You have not added your ACH information to your referral account.
  • You have not completed your W-9 form.
  • Your friend’s reservation was not eligible for a referral bonus. Please see the eligibility criteria above.
+ How do I complete my W-9 for my referral account or welcome bonus?
In order for us to send your reward, you need to complete a W-9 form. You can complete your W-9 by clicking on the “Complete Form” button shown in Step 3 (W-9 Tax Form) in the on-boarding section of your NICKSON referral account dashboard.
+ How do I add my ACH information to my referral account?
In order for us to send your payment, you need to add your ACH information to your referral account profile at You add your ACH information by clicking on the “Complete Form” button shown in Step 2 (Banking Information) in the on-boarding section of your NICKSON referral account dashboard.

My friend didn’t use my unique referral link when creating their NICKSON account or application. Am I still eligible for a reward?

Have your friend email from the email address they used in to create their NICKSON account with the following information to see if you may still be eligible:
  • Your friend’s full name and the email address used in their NICKSON Living Plan profile.
  • Your full name, email address, and unique invite code.
  • Details of how and when you referred them to NICKSON.
  • Exceptions are not guaranteed and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.