Frequently Asked Questions

+ How is NICKSON furniture procured?
NICKSON is a registered member of the International Interior Design Association. NICKSON’s design team uses trade relationships to source and acquire furniture from leading manufacturers. We actively purchase small batches of on-trend items which results in unique designs and savings for our customers.
+ Can I rent NICKSON furniture with a roommate?
Yes. NICKSON furniture is offered as part of your apartment lease and the cost of the furniture can be shared. Please contact us to let us know if you’d like to have your bill split with your roommate.
+ Can I choose the design of my apartment?
Each NICKSON apartment is exclusively designed by a NICKSON interior designer. NICKSON packages are currently designed in a modern eclectic aesthetic. NICKSON will be introducing additional design aesthetics at a later date. Stay tuned or sign up here to be the first to know.
+ My NICKSON furniture is fantastic, can I purchase it?
Yes, if at any time you desire to purchase your furniture, you may do so. Please contact us for additional details.
+ I’m a short-term renter, is NICKSON for me?
NICKSON is designed for everyday renters. At this time we only accommodate leases that are 9 months in length or longer.
+ Does NICKSON service my community?
NICKSON is currently servicing the Dallas community, with plans to expand in the near future. Please contact us to be the first to learn when we launch in your community.
+ Can I see the design of my furniture layout before it is installed?
Not typically. Select communities may have an inventory of pre-installed NICKSON units, which may be available for viewing and leasing on demand. If you are interested in learning whether any such units are available in your community, please send us a note. In this case, you will be able to view the unit and lease it on-demand. Please browse our website to gain a sense for our aesthetic and the items that will be included in your apartment.
+ What happens if I do not like my unit once it is installed?
You have 30 days to cancel NICKSON risk-free. If you are unhappy with your unit, contact us and we will arrange to have your unit restored to its original condition.
+ Can I rent NICKSON if I currently own furniture? Can I rent select furniture items?
Yes. While NICKSON is designed to be a comprehensive furniture solution, you can selectively remove standard items from your inventory list. However, NICKSON fees will not be reduced based on inventory selections.
If your former residence is in a NICKSON geography, NICKSON may be able to responsibly dispose your old furniture for a nominal fee. Please contact us to learn more.
+ What items are included in a NICKSON furnished apartment?
The exact furniture included in each design will vary based on each unit's characteristics and layout. All NICKSON furnished units will include the furnishing of all major living spaces, including the bedroom(s), living room(s), and dining room(s). If your floor plan includes an additional major living space such as an office or a den, this space will be furnished as well. Flat panel television included in the living room and all bedrooms.
+ Will my apartment include items such as linens and kitchenware?
Standard NICKSON packages include items such as dishes, cookware, and linens. Please contact us if you are interested in renting items in addition to the standard NICKSON offerings.
+ Is there an installation fee?
Yes. There is a one-time NICKSON setup fee to be paid upon lease signing. Setup fees vary based on location and typically do not exceed the monthly rental rate of the NICKSON furniture package selected. Please see your checkout cart for details.
+ Does NICKSON require a security deposit?
Orders placed online using a domestic credit card will not be subject to any security deposit requirement.
+ Is the furniture I will receive new?
NICKSON installs both new and previously installed items. We embrace the sharing economy, while adhering to a strict reconditioning policy. All items installed by NICKSON will have passed a thorough inspection.
+ How do I request maintenance or repair of an item in my NICKSON unit?
Contact us, and we will coordinate to complete your service request per the service terms and conditions of your community.
+ What happens if my NICKSON furniture gets damaged?
NICKSON encourages customers to carry a renter’s insurance policy that covers all losses arising out of fires, floods, and natural disasters (such as hurricanes or earthquakes). If applicable, you may be charged to remedy any damage above and beyond common wear and tear.
+ How do I end my NICKSON lease?
A NICKSON representative will reach out to you 2 weeks prior to the end of your term to arrange for your furniture pickup. Alternatively, you may email us with your name, address and desired pickup details. Please be sure to reach out early so that we can do our best to accommodate your desired pick up slot.
Please contact us if you need to end your lease early. An early termination fee may apply.